Zero Waste Initiative

The 4 Million Ton Problem

Every year, according to information from the Institute of Engineers Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan building industry generates more than 4-million tons of waste in the form of construction and demolition debris. In perspective, that’s the equivalent of 4 1/2 Golden Gate Bridges located in San Fransisco!

Tiles alone which can be a mix of natural, ceramic, or porcelain account for 10% of this waste. And yes, we’re part of the problem, too. But we can also be part of the solution.

Our Journey to Zero Waste

We’re putting an end to waste at our Pugoda factory. Why? Because our planet depends on it. To be considered Zero Waste, we must have a 90% waste diversion rate. We minimize tile wastage through precision cutting techniques, optimizing material usage. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices ensures efficient production, reducing environmental impact. As we strive to create exquisite tiles while prioritizing sustainability in every step of the process, finding ways to close the loop on our manufacturing practices has put our creativity to the test. However,at Da Vinci Ceramics, we’re determined to make waste a thing of the past.

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