Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Materials are Available in Mosaic Tiles? + -
Mosaic tiles come in many varied materials including porcelain, ceramic, natural stone tiles, glass tiles and more. Each of these tile options offers a variety of different applications throughout the home and beyond.
How to use Mosaic Tiles in the Home ? + -
Mosaic tiles can be used in any number of ways throughout your home’s interior and exterior spaces. Different materials will lend themselves better to specific applications; glass mosaic tiles for example are an excellent solution for tiling a pool while natural stone mosaic tiles can be used to create stylish feature walls in your home’s interior spaces. Mosaic tiles are often used to add a decorative touch as they are available in such a wide range of colours and patterns. You will also find that certain options in mosaic tiles can even be used as an interior floor tile making for a wonderfully tactile finish in your interior design scheme.
Can Mosaic Tiles be used as a Floor Tile Solution? + -
Certain varieties of mosaic tiles can be used as a flooring solution in residential applications. These include natural stone tiles (such as mosaic marble tiles for example) and some varieties of enamelled glass tiles.
Are Mosaic Tiles Waterproof? + -
While most tiling materials are resistant to water, certain mosaic tiles will offer a completely water resistant finish. Glass tiles for example are most often used as a pool tile, offering an incredibly versatile solution that is available in an endless range of colour options. View our collections of luxurious pool tiles here.
Grout Options for Mosaic Tiles + -
Traditional cement based grouts are often used with mosaic tiles, especially when paired with natural stone tiles or terrazzo tiles. Glass tiles however will benefit from a high quality epoxy grout that will actively assist in the prevention of dirt and grime build-up to create an incredibly low maintenance finish in your tiling project.
Do Mosaic Tiles need Spacers? + -
Mosaic tiles are usually sold in sheets where each individual tile is attached to a mesh backing that allows for ease of installation. Although a tile spacer is not used between each individual tile, spacers can be used in between each sheet instead to ensure correct alignment of your tiles.

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